About Us

Chief Scientist

Peter M. Orem is the inventor of the ATEC concept and is the Chief Scientist on the ThermaWatts Team.  Peter has over twenty five years of professional experience working on real-time systems and safety-critical systems for applications in the medical, military, energy generation, transportation, and consumer electronic industries. He is proficient in the design and implementation of custom electronic hardware and has a wide range of software expertise.

Over the last 12 years, Peter has been engaged in the research and development of semiconductor materials which resulted in US Patent 8,624,100. Peter studied Physics at the University of California at Santa Cruz. 

Mr. Frank Orem

Frank Orem has spent more than 40 years in applying innovation to engineering problems. Frank’s career has centered on defining information systems requirements, approaches and leading innovative, effective implementations. These kinds of procedures were later promulgated through the IEEE Standards. Frank also led development of methods for applying parallel processing to the massive computing needed for power system simulations.