Comments on Test Results version 1.1

We have received a number of excellent comments on Test Results v1.1.

1)  We were asked to clarify Fluke 289 typical location relative to the voltage divider.

We will update schematic in to reflect location in parallel with Voltage Source in lower left corner of schematic.

2)  It was noted that voltage dividers don’t produce exactly the voltage specified when alternate paths and voltages are present. 

This is correct.  It is off by the ratio of the resistances, 100 ohms/200 k-ohms or 0.05%.  We will clarify that and its impact.

3)  Using more steps would be useful in revealing any inconsistencies.

Except for 4.5.3, test results with the relay switches are all very linear.  Section 4.5.3 should indeed be repeated with more discrete steps.  This is particularly true for S2P1.

4)  It was suggested that thermal variation inside the oven might be causing or interfering with results.  

We think we have managed this.  We took particular steps to prevent this as a problem, including running tests at ambient, and making sure that the location of the test stand did not change between test runs within an orientation pair.  However, our description of those steps might not have been clear.  We will add pictures of S1P2 in normal and reverse orientation to clarify.

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